G&D Photography | Testimonials


From Kathy:

"Recently, my seven children surprised me with a family portrait taken by G & D Photography. The finished portrait was wonderful-and I love it. G & D Photography also took many candid photos at the shoot-funny or sentimental-which really captured their personalities and love for each other. After viewing their website, I purchased a "still life" 20x24 print which was delivered 3 days later. The color and quality are beautiful. Thank you Shannon and MaryBeth."

From Danielle:
"Pointing and clicking is easy (hence the disposable camera, lol).. Taking candids that transcend the borders and boundaries of a photograph take a sort of magic, a sort of finesse.. And these ladies have it. I will not book with anyone else.. EVER! They took my overly anxious and shy sister and turned her into a confident young girl for an hour and a half. That, alone, is priceless. As for the quality of the pictures, they speak for themselves. More words than these would definitely be inadequate to explain my satisfaction... You ladies ROCK!"

From Brenda:
"I have got to say to both Shannon and Marybeth, I have been totally blown away with the beautiful photos you both have taken. As a former photographer’s asst. for nine years, I have a trained eye for perfection in photography. G&D Photography have a great future, {take it from a pro} as a matter of fact I will be hiring you when I come to Ct. for a visit with my two favorite people in the world, Jessica and Sebby"